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Value of Gold Investing

Gold has always been a preferred asset class for investors. It acts as an effective hedge against economic crises and secures your assets as it is a safe haven to protect you against inflation of currency.

Since 2001, the value of gold has been increasing steadily, from $250 USD per ounce to an estimated $1415 USD per ounce in Dec 2010, to near $1,800 USD per ounce currently. High gold prices are attracting gold sellers to sell their old gold jewelry and gold bullion bars for cash. Looking to buy gold to secure your assets as safe haven by preserving the value of your national currency?

We offer physical gold purchases of Gold Bars and Gold Coins ranging from 1 grams to 100 grams at Best Price when we have Used Gold available.


International measure

Troy ounce

Used mainly in English-speaking countries: USA, UK and Australia


Used mainly on the Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East


Mainly Hong Kong and Taiwan

How to Buy and Sell Gold

Gold has several forms which can be considered as an investment. Physical gold bars, gold coins or gold certificates. The Gold Fixing of London provides standard gold pricing which are set twice daily.

Gold is a form of investment that is both physical and liquid asset. You can either hold in your hands, buy or sell gold easily.

You may often think that buying gold shares are actually shares of gold, but if you buy and sell gold shares, you’re actually buying and selling gold shares of a gold mining company, not selling shares of spot gold.

You must consider carefully and seek as much professional advice as possible when concerning gold investment. It may be very easy for you to sell gold right now, but should you consider to hold your gold longer and will the demand go up even higher? Gold investment like any other forms of investment is complicated and debatable.

You can sell gold easily which depend largely on how the content of the pure gold can be easily determined in the gold bar or gold coin you hold. This is one main reason why people consider gold bullion bars as a popular form of gold investing. You are able to sell gold coins much better than other form of gold is because the quantity and quality of pure gold coins is guaranteed. The guarantee of the gold coins makes it easy to sell to gold dealers like us. We are familiar with the current value of gold.

Gold Bars Weights & Purities

Gold bars are normally classified into two broad categories of weight. Large bars weigh more than 1000 gram and small bars weigh 1000 gram or less. Gold bars are manufactured in different millesimal gold purities (or fineness), mostly range between 965 and 999.9 in purity. GOLD BARS UNITS OF WEIGHT Around the world, gold bars can be denominated or traded in different units of weight to accommodate the preferences of regions or countries. The most prominent units are measured in gram, troy ounce, tola, tael, baht, chi (or cay or luong), don and mesghal.

Although the London Good Delivery 400 oz bar is the world’s most important large bar, it is traded in troy ounces on the London Bullion Market, and the international gold price is quoted in US dollars per troy ounce. There is a worldwide trend for small cast and minted gold bars denominated in grams. Although the table below provides a broad indication of where the listed units of weight for small gold bars which are widely used, in many countries a variety of units is used.


There are three prominent large gold bars:

400 oz Approximate weight. London Good Delivery, if manufactured by a LBMA-accredited refiner.

100 oz Approximate weight. COMEX Good Delivery, if the brand is accredited to COMEX.

3000 g Shanghai Gold Exchange Good Delivery, if manufactured by a SGE-accredited refiner.

Some refiners advise that other large bars are also occasionally made to precise or approximate weights. For example, in ounces (250 oz and 50 oz) and in grams (2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg).


Among surveyed manufacturers, small gold bars around the world are available in a diverse range of more than 50 different cast or minted weights. However, by far the most important small gold bar, widely used by fabricators and investors around the world, is the cast kilobar (1000 gram).

Before you decided to sell your gold jewelry, gold bullion bars or any gold items, you need to provide the weight and purity of your gold items you intend to sell.

How To Determine Gold Purities?


Karats (Carats outside of the United States, ) in gold jewelry refers to the amount of gold that is present in the jewelry piece. Europe describes the karatage of gold jewelry in ‘fineness’, which is the gold content expressed in parts per thousand.

The purer the gold content in a piece of jewelry, the more valuable it is. Gold is mixed with alloys, metals added to strengthen the gold to create more durable jewelry, particularly in gold rings and gold bracelets.